World Championships 2013 in Snowtango at Tampere, Finland.

The weather was nice during the whole competition, only -4 C and no wind.  The "floor" was snowy and here and there was ice under the snow to make it a bit challenging.

There were 17 couples who attended to the competition. The final round was very high level and even. The jury, consisting of five judges, was able to put the competitors in to the following order:

1. Matti Tuominen - Armi Tanskanen
2. Ari Vaskelainen - Marita Yliknuussi
3. Kari Seppänen - Hanna Seppänen
4. Teemu Simonen - Riikka Toivanen
5. Raine Ristola - Sari Ristola
6. Markku Henttu - Pirjo Henttu

Congratulations to the winners and big thanks to all participants!


Best costume: Ari Vaskelainen ja Marita Yliknuussi