Snow Tango World Championship, Tampere, 05 February 2011

What comes to Your mind when You hear the word ‘tango’? A dark, warm night, light dresses, sweating bodies, high heels... True, but this is so last season!

A Finnish dancing club Hurmio brings us a totally new way of enjoying this traditional dance: in bright daylight, among the frosty snow and with warm clothes and shoes. But still treasuring the deepest soul of the tango; passion, connection between dancing partners, long steps, smooth yet strong movements - all of these emotions expressed according to the temperamental tango music in the centre of Tampere. In the Snow Tango World Championship event the heat comes from inside!

The surroundings might be unusual but the performances of the dancing partners are evaluated in a traditional and professional way. There is a judging panel of five persons and after the preliminary rounds, semifinals and finals there will be a successful couple who will win the title Snow Tango World Championship. This is surely a title which is not owned by everyone! The first prize reflects the character of the competition: a sparkly piece of crystal.

If you would like the chance to win this unique title or if you just want to enjoy the atmosphere and warm yourself by watching these skilled and brave dancers make your way to Tampere, Keskustori, on 05 February, 2011 at 12:00 – 2:00 pm. The audience can also use their influence by voting for the best outfit of the dancing couples. There is also a possibility to attend to a short but warming Latinobic session guided by the Hurmio Dancing Club.

As ‘Aftertango’ there is even more tango! There will be a course of ‘Wanha Lavatango” for three hours in the Hurmio premises (inside!), Hepolamminkatu 20, Tampere; starting at 4:00 pm.

‘Wanha Lavatango’ takes its influences from tango Romano and tango Argentine. In the old days people learned dancing by watching the performances and trying to copy the movements. This is how ‘Wanha Lavatango’ was generated; a popular version of the original tango Argentine. “Wanha Lavatango” survived mainly among the Finnish emigrants and Romani, since they were not influenced by the Fox Tango which arrived in Finland in the 1930s and is the style most used in Finland today. The rhythm of ‘Wanha Lavatango’ differs from the regular tango; instead of slow-slow-quick-quick steps there are the steps slow-quick-quick-slow. Some exercise also to everyone’s brains!

Dancing is a way of life and tango is a fascinating part of it. We welcome you to see, feel and experience the ecstasy of this dance – if you get hooked we know the cure!  

Expert Tammerviihde Tampereen Työväen Teatteri Suominen