Samsung Galaxy flagship phones can finally use eSIM on Google Fi

Use eSIM on Google Fi on your Samsung Galaxy phone

While eSIM has been around for a few years, its adoption has only picked up in recent months, especially after the launch of the iPhone 14 series in 2022. Unlike a traditional SIM card, your carrier must also have eSIM support for your device. This means even if you have an eSIM-ready phone, you can't do much unless your network operator adds support. Google Fi has lagged in this department, with eSIM compatibility on the network inexplicably missing for Samsung's Galaxy devices. Following the Galaxy S23 series launch, Google is finally making amends and has silently added eSIM support for a bunch of flagship Galaxy phones.

Until now, Fi's eSIM support was limited to selected Pixel phones. The operator's eSIM support page now lists all recent Samsung flagships launched in the last few years as being supported with embedded SIM on its network. Below are all the newly added Samsung phones that can now use eSIM on Google Fi (via XDA):

Galaxy Z Flip 4
Galaxy Z Fold 4
Galaxy S22 series
Galaxy Z Flip 3
Galaxy S21 series
Galaxy S20 series
Galaxy Note 20 series
Interestingly, Google Fi continues to lack support embedded SIM support for iPhones despite them being among the first to support the technology.

03.02.2023 - 03.03.2023